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1-800-Roof Care serves Cumberland, North Carolina

Serving Cumberland County
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Are You Looking For A Roofing Company In Fayetteville, North Carolina?

1-800-Roofcare is a national network of independent roofing industry professionals with members in Fayetteville and across the country. We pride ourselves on the strength of our name, which is why we don’t let just anyone join. Only a single company may join our exclusive network per county, so that excludes more than 98% of potential applicants. Some of the many reasons to choose 1-800-Roofcare for service include:

  • Licensed and Insured Contractors. Unfortunately, there are countless disreputable workers out there who claim to be licensed and insured when they really aren’t. Having roof work done by an unlicensed contractor is very risky, because so many perform subpar work. In some cases, these workers will actually perform illegal repairs that aren’t up to local building code standards, a situation that you will later have to pay to correct. Uninsured contractors are not likely to be able to afford to correct any mistakes that they make, leaving you footing the bill a second time. 1-800-Roofcare wants to protect our customers, which is why we pre-qualify all members to make sure that they are properly licensed and insured to work in Fayetteville.
  • Local Experience. Because roofs interact directly with the elements in way that almost no other feature of our homes do, the local environmental conditions have a much greater impact on them. The Fayetteville climate in particular can be hard on roofs. The Southern sun beats down on a roof, nearly barbequing it at times. The humidity of a muggy summer fosters the growth of algae, and the warmth fuels the expansion of insect colonies. The cool of winter inspires squirrels and raccoons to seek a warm attic to dwell in, an attic that might only be reachable through a chewable layer of roof. The rich tree life of North Carolina releases leaves and needles onto roofs, which then leach harmful chemicals onto them. Our local members know how well different roofing materials can stand up to life in Fayetteville, and what can happen to them over time. Fayetteville’s 1-800-Roofcare members will be able to properly advise you on material selection and repair schedule accordingly
  • A Free Quote. We understand that the prospect of repairing your roof can be daunting, especially if the repairs are likely to be major and costly. We want to lessen your concerns to the greatest extent possible, which is why we are currently offering you free quotes. Why not get the information you need when it won’t cost you anything to get it?

How do I know if my roof needs repair?

There are many signs that your home may be in need of roof repair, including:

  • External Signs. Anything that is obviously amiss with your roof may be a sign that you need roof repair. Missing shingles and tiles are easy to spot, as are bent or dented metal sheets. Cracks in tiles, loose shingles, and misaligned roofing materials of any type are somewhat less obvious, but can be easily detected upon a closer look. Piles of debris, algal growth, and roof discoloration also may indicate something is amiss.
  •  Internal Signs. A roof leak is clearly a sign that your roof needs to be repaired, but anything that may be caused by water damage is highly indicative of roofing issues, especially on the floor immediately below your roof or attic. Among the most common forms of water damage are discolored paint, wall and ceiling cracks, peeled wall paper, and wet spots on the floor. Water fuels the growth of mold and mildew, which in turn release an unmistakable odor. Because roof damage can impact the interior temperature of your home, a recent increase or decrease in your home’s temperature may also be an indicator that you need roof repair.
  • Other Signs. When roof damage exposes the inside of your home to the outside temperature, it makes it far more challenging for our heating and cooling systems to catch up. If your gas or electric bills have increased for no apparent reason, you may want to contact a roofing contractor. All roofs have a maximum life expectancy. As a home owner, you should have records of when your roof was installed or re-covered, as well as what the estimated lifespan of your roof should have been. If it is approaching the end of that time frame, you should have your roof inspected.

Should I seek professional roof maintenance?

1-800-Roofcare recommends that our clients have their roofs inspected by a professional roofing contractor twice a year. During these inspections, a number of routine maintenance procedures can take place as needed, such as:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Identification of Current Issues
  • Identification of Potential Future Problems
  • Tightening of Loose Roofing Materials
  • Replacement of Individual Roofing Materials
  • Algae Control
  • Assorted Minor Roofing Repairs
  • Scheduling of Major Necessary Repairs

Although routine maintenance cannot prevent all roof-related problems (especially those caused by acts of God and long-term deterioration) if can substantially reduce the likelihood of those problems spreading to other areas of your home. Proper roof maintenance can even increase the life expectancy of your roof by several years.

How do I get a free roof quote today?

  • Telephone. All that you have to do to reach us is pick up your phone and dial 1-800-Roofcare. When you call, our staff of customer service professionals will transfer you to our local Fayetteville member.
  • Internet. We have included a service form at the bottom of this webpage. After you fill it out and send it in, our representatives will review it and send you additional details.

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